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The official in-game currency in Dream League Soccer universe is the coins. You can use coins to redeem players or upgrade the stats of your team. Coins are very important to improve the performance of your players in the field. You can acquire the coins by winning the matches or purchasing them with real money through in-app purchases.

Elite Division

There are four divisions in Dream League Soccer universe including Division 1,2,3 and Elite Division. The Gameplay allows you to progress through these divisions. It’s a big challenge to bring your team struggling against computer teams in Division 3. In the end, Elite Division should be your goal. Through the way, you need to manage your players and team including training, upgrading, and winning the matches. Once you’ve reached the elite division, you’re in the final stage of the Dream League Soccer gameplay and your top career. The matches would be very tough and competitive here.

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All-Star Cup

All-Star Cup is the highest Cup in the Dream League Soccer universe which allows you to play with classic lineups across the Football History. Last but not least, winning the All-Start Cup will bring you to a unique stage. You’re allowed to fight against the First Touch United team.

The cost may vary for every stat upgrade. As you’ve seen, the different player position requires a specific upgrade. You need to refer to your player management and strategy every time you want to improve player’s performance with upgrades.

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