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Coins are the main in-game currency in Dream League Soccer mobile game. You need coins through the gameplay. Here what you need to know about Dream League Soccer game.


Coins have many uses in Dream League Soccer gameplay including signing players in the transfer market, customizing your kits, upgrading & developing your players, and upgrading your stadium. These will improve your playing experiences in Dream League Soccer.

1. Signing Players

You can use coins to sign the players in the transfer market. The number of coins you should spend would vary for every player. Players with the higher stats likely require more coins. Fortunately, there are no contracts applied for the players. If you have redeemed a player in the transfer market, it seems that you’d own him forever until you replace him for a new transfer.

2. Upgrading Players

Going through the division matches is a big challenge. As an FC manager, you’ll have to properly manage your team players to win the matches. Upgrading your players through the player development is a part of management activity in the Dream League Soccer. This way you can improve the performance of your players based on their skills, abilities, and positions. The upgrades of Dream League Soccer players usually cover these following stats: Fitness, Attacking, Technique, Defending, Tackling, Distribution, and Goalkeeping.

3. Customizing Your Kits

You can spend coins to customize your kits respectively. It will improve your team feature especially the cosmetic ones. Customizing allows you to edit the name of your team, logo, shirt numbers, colors, and many more. This way, you can have your own personalized football club. The cost of customization would vary for each item you want to improve.

4. Upgrading your Stadiums

What could be better than upgrading your own stadium for your Football Club? Even though the stadiums are more likely for the cosmetic purpose than for player performance in the gameplay, customizing your stadium is very fun. You need to spend a certain amount of coins to customize your stadiums in Dream League Soccer universe.

How to Earn Coins

There are two major ways to earn coins in the Dream League Soccer including playing the matches and buying it through in-app purchases.

Playing The Matches

Playing the matches through divisions will reward you a certain amount of coins. The sum coins would vary depending on the division where you’re playing the matches. You can either play the matches in Division 1, 2, 3, Elite Division, Cups, or other modes. However, playing the matches also possess the risk of you losing the coins either. You’ll lose a certain amount of coins as you get yellow cards or red cards for your players during your play. Stay playing clean so you deserve more coins from matches.

Ads Video

You can get a little number of coins by watching ads video during your play. If you’re connected to the Wi-Fi, this way can help you to earn coins in an easy way.

In-App Purchases

Another way to get the coins in Dream League Soccer is buying it with real money. Simply navigate to “Get Coins”, choose the packages, complete the checkout, and voila, the coins are transferred to your account.

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