Dream League Soccer Gameplay Review

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Dream League Soccer is of the most popular mobile soccer game available for Android, iOS, and Windows platform. Dream League Soccer mobile game is developed by the famous First Touch Games. You should be familiar with the First Touch Games through their previous soccer games especially First Touch Soccer 2015 and Score! Franchises. Dream League Soccer becomes one of the most downloaded mobile soccer games by far.

Dream League Soccer offers the best soccer gameplay which covers the comprehensive actions and activities of professional soccer sports in real life.

Here’s an overview of Dream League Soccer gameplay

Soccer Manager

First of all, Dream League Soccer gameplay is about you being a soccer manager. It allows you to build and manage your own team, grind them into dreamed Football Club. Furthermore, you take full control of your players inside and outside the soccer match during the gameplay. So, it’s not only a drafting game but also the playing game for sure. At this point of view, being a soccer manager require to comprehensively manage your team and players.

Career Mode

If you’ve played other soccer games like FIFA, you may find the Dream League Soccer gameplay is quite similar to the career mode of those games. However, the main difference is that Dream League Soccer doesn’t involve any contracts or inter clubs transfers even though you can still enjoy the player transfer but not the clubs. Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to deal with such a player’s happiness level in Dream League Soccer. Instead, you’ll have to focus on the player developments in Dream League Soccer to get through the divisions.

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Player Transfer

Another aspect of gameplay is the player transfer. Basically, you can sign any players available on the transfer market by spending a certain amount of coins. The players with higher stats or star players like Maradona, Ronaldo, Beckham, etc require more coins to redeem. Free transfer is also available on the newer version of Dream League Soccer which allows you signing players for free. The transfer market works by randomly choosing the players based on the desired skills and ability.

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