Dream League Soccer Guide: Going through Divisions

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Dream League Soccer mobile game offers gameplay of a soccer manager. You’ll have to manage your soccer team and players. The biggest challenge would be bringing them going through the Divisions. You’re going to playing them in the competitive soccer matches along the way through.

There are four major divisions in the Dream League Soccer universe including Division 3, 2, 1, and Elite Division. At the very beginning, you’ll start the Dream League Soccer game with your team in Division 3. The matches would be more competitive as you moving up the divisions. Some upgrades on your players are inevitable at this point.

The Gameplay

Going through Dream League Soccer divisions is played with 16 teams per division. You’ll have to play against those team in a season. There will be top teams after the recapitulation at the end of the season. If you’re going to move up to higher division you need to be on the top. It’s because that only top teams which can be promoted to step forward to division above.

The Players

You’ll start the game with a team you gain from the provided list including a captain and the rest of the players. The overall rating of these starter players ranges from 60 to 85 at max. However, you can choose the captain but no with other players since the system will determine them randomly for your team. Don’t worry, it’s a fair system which allows all the Dream League Soccer player have the same start point.

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Despite engaging in the transfer market, going through the divisions may require you to upgrade the stats of your players. You can use your coins to upgrade Fitness, Attacking, Technique, Defending, Tackling stats of your player. These upgrades will improve your player’s performances in the division matches.

Elite Division

If you’re able to be one of the top teams in a season, your team will be promoted to the higher division. There will be up to 64 matches in total until you can finish the Elite Division. The Elite division is very competitive but it’s not impossible to reach and complete. If you have won the Elite Division matches, you’re eligible to join the International Cup which allows you to play single legged playoff games with the International teams.

At this point, there are two possibilities: you win or lose the stage. If you win the International Cup, you’ll be going to the All-Star Cup. However, if you lose any matches, then they will offer your friendly match and you can start over in the Elite Division. There is no degradation just because you don’t manage to finish the International Cup.

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