Dream League Soccer Player Development: What Can Be Upgraded?

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Developing your players is one of the crucial tasks of Dream League Soccer gameplay. It’s very important to regularly manage your players to improve your progress through the divisions. The stats of the players inform you about their skills and abilities which affect their performances in the field. The stats are there by default but they can be upgraded by applying the Player Developments. You’ll have to spend a certain amount of coins to perform the upgrades.


The fitness stat covers three crucial aspects including the Stamina, Speed, and Acceleration. Stamina means how long the player can run in the field before getting exhausted. Speed literally shows how fast player can run in the field. The acceleration is about how long the player needs to accelerate from low speed to the higher speed of running. Upgrading the fitness stat will improve the player’s performance in these aspects.


The Attacking stat represents three offensive aspects of the players including shooting, heading, and strength. The shooting element is related to how good or accurate the player shoots the ball in the field. The Heading represents the player’s ability to use his head to shoot the ball in attack mode. The Strength literally shows how strong the player perform Shooting and Heading. Improving Attacking stats provide you better offensive players.


The Technique stat covers the Player’s performance on Control, Crossing, and Passing. The Control represents how the player possesses and control the ball. The Crossing shows how accurate the player performs the cross passing. The Passing shows the player’s ability to pass the ball to other players. Upgrading the Technique may improve the ball possession of your players at the general.

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The Distribution stat covers Crossing, Heading, and Passing aspects on your players. If you have a player who already good control, shooting, and strength, you can upgrade the Distribution stat instead of Attacking and Technique stats at the same time. Depending on the players, it’s more effective to select the necessary upgrades.


The Defending stat covers Heading, Strength, and Tackling. The defense players require good Heading and Strength, but they not necessarily need a good shooting. That’s why instead of upgrading the Attacking stat, you can upgrade the Defending stat which contains Tackling ability. It refers to how a player tackles the attacks from the opponent’s players. Back players should be the prioritized recipient of this upgrade.


The Goalkeeping is a specific stat of the Goalkeeper ability since this type of player not necessarily needing other types of upgrades. The Goalkeeping upgrades improve the Goalkeeper’s Handling, Goalkeeper’s Positioning, and Goalkeeper’s Reflexes. Upgrading the Goalkeeping stat provides you with a more responsive and handy Goalkeeper who is in his best position most of the time.

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