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In the Dream League Soccer gameplay, you’ll start the game with a team and take them going through the divisions. The Dream League Soccer Coins allows you to choose the captain but the rest of the players are randomly selected for your team. There would be your first players and play as your team. That’s the first way you can get the players in Dream League Soccer. The second way to get the players is by signing them in the transfer market.


Transferring the players is the main way to get Dream League Soccer players onwards. There are three major types of player transfer in the transfer market including free transfer, general transfer, Classic Players transfer. You’ll then sign with these players to get them for your team. Unlike other soccer game, the Dream League Soccer doesn’t apply the contract system. The players you’ve signed will remain in your management until the day you transferring them in the transfer market.

Free Transfer

Dream League Soccer allows you to get free players with Free Transfer. This transfer option allows you to get underdog players with low stats. Well, you can’t expect much from this transfer especially when you’re going to move up to a higher division. However, it’s also the best way to get the players you’ve transferred previously.

General Transfer Section

If you want to sign with a player with better stats, you can navigate to the general transfer section. The players can be redeemed by a certain amount of coins. These players range from 10-1000 coins depending on the stats. In this general transfer section, you can get the players which can improve your team’s performances in the Division matches. Overall, these OK players support your progress in Division 1,2,3 but you may require further upgrades to get through the Elite Division. However, you may have to remain selective in transferring the players and simply refer back to the overall stats.

Classic Players

If you want to collect classic players like Maradona, Zidane, Pele, and many more, you can either spend your coins or complete your game to unlock them. The classic players are generally good but they’re not the best ones. What you can use to determine the quality of the players is the overall stats. Some upgrades will even improve the performances of your players even further. Believe more in the number of the stats instead of the appearance, that’s how the Dream League Soccer gameplay works.

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Player Development

Stats which are upgradable is the shooting, controls, crossing, tackling, stamina, heading, and goalkeeping factors. You may have to spend some coins to upgrade them but it would directly affect their performances in the field.

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