How to Manage Player Development in The Dream League Soccer

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The player development is one of the central issues commonly appear in any soccer games. It scopes how you can develop your player performance by improving the abilities in various aspects. Fortunately, Dream League Soccer is very open to any player developments. In facts, the game offers a wide range of player upgrades which allows you to improve your player stats at your own discretion. Well, it’s not about customizing the character but the player performance improvements in the gameplay.

Upgrading the Stats

In the Team Management display, there are numbers next to your players called stats. It informs you about the height, position, preferred foot, fitness, ball skills, distribution, shooting, defense, keeping, and so forth. The displayed numbers are the default stats of the player which represent their ability in each aspect of soccer. You’ll soon find that these numbers affect your gameplay. Certain moves like bicycle kick, rainbow kick, volley, and many others require minimum ball skills. These movements actually improve your gameplay but if your player doesn’t meet the minimum requirement, you can perform the movements with that player.

Fortunately, these numbers aren’t locked by the developer. You can increase your player stats to the maximum number of 100. You can use your coins to upgrade your stats. Upgrading player stats will improve their performance in the gameplay which also boosts your team performance. You can simply navigate to the Player Development tab and increase the stats with your coins. The stat numbers will be updated with “+n” as you’ve upgraded the players with Player Development. As previously mentioned you can upgrade each stat ability up to 100.

Upgrade Options

You can upgrade your player stats with six options including Fitness, Attacking, Technique, Distribution, Defending, and Goalkeeping. Each option upgrade will increase two or more stats. The cost of upgrades depends on the types and levels of the stats you want to improve.


By upgrading the Fitness option in the Player development it will increase Stamina, Speed, and Acceleration stats.


As you’ve upgraded the attacking option, it will increase the strength, shooting, and heading stats. This will improve your player’s attack performance so you can build a more offensive strategy and team.


The upgrade on technique will improve your player performances including control, crossing and passing the ball during the gameplay. This may increase your team’s ball possession if you equally upgrade this option in the player development.


This option will upgrade the crossing, heading, and passing stats at the same time. This allows your player to perform a more distributive gameplay. Depending on your current team situation, this upgrade could be helpful for you.


Choosing defending option means upgrading strength, heading, and tackling ability of your player. It literally strengthens the defensive abilities which are the crucial parts of your defense strategy in the gameplay.

Goal Keeping

This option is specifically designed to upgrade you goalkeeper abilities including handling, positioning, and reflexes.

Each player who gets the upgrade would appear as silver or gold in the team management interface. The amount of upgrade would depend on the default stats of the players and the number of coins you want to spend. Once the stats reach 100 points, you can’t upgrade your players any further.

Upgrading your players could be an interesting activity. However, you can also apply the simple math here. Sometimes, you may check the players with high stats default, if you find those with good prices, then it’s more effective to buy them right away than upgrading a player with a very low stats. Spend your coins wisely either to choose the upgrade options or buy players with certain stats.

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