How to Play in Multiplayer Mode

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Dream League Soccer is a phenomenal soccer game developed by First Touch Games with two major modes: Single Player Mode and Multiplayer Mode which are available in iOS and Android. In the single-player modes, you’ll participate in a match against the AI players with random stats and difficulties. It’s an eligible mode and there are no issues on it. In other hands, Dream League Soccer also allows you to play against your Facebook friends or any other players from all over the world. This mode is very cool and able to keep you engaged with the gameplay for hours and even days. However, accessing the Multiplayer mode is a little bit different with the single mode regarding the requirements and the procedure.

Multiplayer offers more enjoyment especially when you’re connecting your social media account with the Dream League Soccer gameplay. What could be better than playing a nostalgic match with old friends in a virtual soccer game? If you can connect the wifi hotspot, then you’re able to play Multiplayer games without any mobile data.

It’s actually easy to play Multiplayer games in Dream League Soccer. However, you can definitely save minutes by directly attending these following points.

1. Install Dream League Soccer

Any devices involved in this multiplayer should be installed with Dream League Soccer. Assuming that you’re reading this article, it should be already installed to your device. However, you need to ensure other pairing devices are the same.

2. Prepare the Hotspot and Devices

We’re talking local multiplayer games in Dream League Soccer. Hotspot should be established before you can set up. The hotspot could be derived from separable wifi hotspot/router or hotspot sharing of a device. Ensure that the hotspot is accessible and stable. There are at least three devices involved in this Multiplayer procedure including two phones and 1 hotspot device.

3. Connect the Wi-Fi

As the multiplayer connection begins, the wifi feature in two devices should be turned on first. Then, you need to connect the two devices into the hotspot from the third device. The Wi-Fi setup is better finished before you launch the game because if it’s not, there will be no such network available to choose in the Multiplayer mode setup. Once they’re successfully connected, then you can proceed with the procedure.

4. Do the In-Game Setup

Let’s launch Dream League Soccer game in both devices. In the user-interface, you’ll be able to see “Local WiFi” in the bottom corner of your default screen, tap on it. Then you can establish a pairing connection with each other via a local network. Once the devices have been connected, you can play the multiplayer mode games in your devices.

These are actually the standard procedure of Multiplayer mode for Android devices, the iOS devices might apply slightly different procedure. The Multiplayer mode is actually available on Dream League Soccer 17 and Dream League Soccer 18. Don’t worry about compatibility mode, once you’ve successfully installed the game in your device, the multiplayer mode is always accessible. After this, you may spend hours with your friends playing Dream League Soccer.

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