Movement Skills in The Dream League Soccer

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Developing your player has direct effects on the player performances. Some upgrades actually unlock special movements which are very useful in the gameplay. So, you may also consider these movements as you’re choosing Fitness, Attacking, Technique, Distribution, Defend, and Goalkeeping upgrade for your player. Let’s have a look at the movements.

Lane change

This skill movement doesn’t require any minimum stats to execute. The Lange Change movement is a standard control which allows you to move your player from a lane to the upper or lower lane. This is very useful for dribbling the ball and avoiding blocking for the opponent or simply tactically moving forward. You can perform the Lane Change by swiping right or left on your screen with no specific spot. You can swipe left your screen to move into the upper lane or swipe right to move into the lower lane, and so forth.

Rainbow Flick

Rainbow Flick or Rainbow kick is actually executable in Dream League Soccer. This flick is very useful to pass the ball crossing the opponent nearby and any other tactical movements even in the physical soccer. You can perform Rainbow Flick in the gameplay by swiping up your finger on the right side of your device screen. However, it should be noted that your player should posses ball control more than 80 in their stats to perform the rainbow flick perfectly. Consider upgrading technique or distribution stats.

dream league soccer kicks tipsBicycle Kick

Bicycle Kick or scissor kick or overhead kick is actually available in Dream League Soccer. It’s a very useful tactical move to make a goal. This movement can be performed in two ways. First, you can do the same control of Rainbow flick plus a swiping to the direction where you’re aiming your shot to opponent’s goal when they’re moving to the opposite direction. Second, you can use it to finalize ball passing directed to the opponent goal by swiping the right or left before the ball landed to the ground. Ensure that your player is ready in front of your opponent’s goal. You can certainly design a ball sequence to perform bicycle kick.

Roulette Moves

It’s well known as Soccer Roulette or Roulette 360 soccer move, or simply Maradona’s move. It’s actually an advanced dribbling movement, thus it’s not surprising that the gameplay requires your player to have more than 70 points on their ball control stats. If the default stats of your player is below the number you may consider upgrading the Technique, Defending, or Distribution.

Volley kick

The airborne strike skill could be performed by executing the same control with Rainbow Flick. Then you need to swipe your screen in the direction you want to shoot as soon as the ball is in the air. The longer distance of ball passing could be accurately performed with this movement.

As you’ve seen that Dream Leagues Soccers Guides is accommodating the physical soccer movements. You need to adapt with the controls so you can perform them whenever you need in the gameplay. Stay tuned for more eligible movement updates.

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